Important Info

Majority of our products come with care instructions and instruction of usage. We do not take responsibility for the misuse of products or damages during transportation. 


Once an order is placed it will take 7-12 business days for your order to be processed. Postage times cannot be predicted especially during busy periods such as Christmas. Please understand that once your order has been shipped it is completely out of our hands. If you have an issue with delivery please contact our main courier Australia Post. Keep in mind ordering express does not fasten the processing time, it simply means once shipped it will arrive quicker.

Standard Postage:

  •  7 -12 business days processing time 
  • Expected postage time of 2 - 8 business days 

Express Postage 

  • 7 -12 business days processing time
  • Expected postage time of 1- 4 business days 


All orders placed under the urgent express options means that orders will be PROCESSED within 2-3 business days. This does NOT include postage/delivery time.

Add to order 

If you haven't received your tracking number via email or text message this means your shipping label is yet to be printed. If your label has not been printed and you'd like to add an item to your order please contact us and we can arrange payment and shipping without having to pay twice.

Custom orders

Custom designs for car diffusers, budget binders or signs are accepted via email, instagram or facebook. As a small business we cannot stock every fragrance for our diffusers and candles. If you have particular scent your'e after please contact us and we'll see what we can do.


Please read all collection and product descriptions regarding pre order items. If your order contains items on pre order along with products in stock, please note that your order will be shipped when all items are in stock. If you require some items but are happy to wait for pre order items please place more than 1 order or contact us via email to arrange the shipping of multiple orders.

Refunds, exchanges & returns

All sales from The Aesthetic Cove are final. We do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns. However, if you have any concerns with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Our glassware are personalised with permanent vinyl, therefore are not dishwasher safe HAND WASH ONLY. We do not take responsibility for the peeling of personalisations after a prolonged period of time. Personalisation are expected to exceed over 7 years in durability.

Outdoor signages

Our outdoor signages are made using outdoor vinyl and are protected against the varying climatic conditions. 

Car diffusers 

A diffuser care card is provided with each and every diffuser order. The safety plastic cap must be replaced after refreshing your diffuser. Ensure the lid is kept tight at all times to avoid leakages and damages to surrounding areas. If temperatures reach of 30 degrees celsius remove the diffuser and place in a cooler sealed area. We do not take responsibility for the incorrect use of the car diffuser.

Soy wax candles 

All our candles are made with the highest quality of natural soy wax which is a non toxic ingredient. Ensure the first burn time is at least 2 hours to avoid candle tunnelling. After each burn, ensure to remove the black soot at the wick of the candle to avoid black smoke when the candle is lit. For further safety instructions, please read the warning label under the candle. We are not responsible for incorrect use of this product.