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Blue Luxe Glass Candle XL

Blue Luxe Glass Candle XL

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The only thing getting lit tonight are my candles

These beautifully scented soy candles will keep your home or office space smelling amazing hours on end. We hand pour every soy candle using only the finest natural soy wax and fragrance oils. Each order is unique to us, so tell us exactly what you're after and we will custom make a design just for you.

Capacity: 450g of wax

Height: 170mm in height with lid
Inside diameter: 95mm

The lid is just a cover and sits loosely on the base of the candle jar. It will fall off if tipped over

Ensure that the candle is lit for at least 2 hours during the first burn. This is to avoid the tunnelling of wax. 
Remove the black soot prior to lighting the candle each time to reduce black smoke
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