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Mini Coach Plaque

Mini Coach Plaque

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Wanting to gift your coach something unique?

Why not one of our coach's plaques? Choose from a netball/volleyball, basketball or soccer ball! 

All wording is engraved on wood and outline of ball shape is done in 3mm acrylic

Simply list all players names, coach's name, club name and year, and a small message (example: thank you for a great season)

Choose the ball outline colour and we'll do the rest. 

Please note: All plaques ordered will receive a draft sent via email for approval within 2-3 days of ordering. Please be aware that no plaque will be made and shipped UNLESS approved via email. We cannot guarantee your order will arrive on time if responded late. If order is cancelled after this draft is sent, a design fee of $10 will be charged.

All orders are processed within 7-12 business days AFTER APPROVED. 

Please make sure you order in advance as we cannot guarantee the available colours and tight timeframes!


Netball: Roughly 15x15cm

Basketball: Roughly 15x15cm

Soccer ball: Roughly 15x15cm

Hockey: Roughly 15x15cm

Football: Roughly 19x28cm

NRL Ball: Roughly 17x26cm

Gymnastics: Roughly 15x15cm

Dancer: Roughly 15x15cm

Cricket: Roughly 15x15cm

Softball: Roughly 15x15cmm

Racing: Roughly 15x15cm

Tennis: Roughly 15x15cm

Cheer - Both options Roughly 15x15cm

NOTE: All plaques are subject to change due to the graining of wood. Some plaques or spots on plaques may be darker than others. This is completely normal as it is engraved on wood. 

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