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White Marble Budget Binder

White Marble Budget Binder

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Budgeting has never been more fun and stylish!

Choose from 3 different marble coloured binders and start saving today! Each binder comes with 5 personalised plastic inserts. Customise each insert with different saving goals, eg. Rent, Savings, Holiday Fund, Tattoo Fund etc. 

Not only can you personalise each insert but also the front of the binder! Simply leave a name in the 'Front personalisation' box

Size: A6 

PLEASE NOTE: Ensure that everything is spelt correctly because we will assume that's the way you want it spelt. The way you type up your personalisation is the exact way you'll receive your binder and inserts.

Cash stuffing can make your binder quite thick and you may have trouble closing your binder with the magnetic strap. For this reason, in our opinion, we advise having no more than 8 cash inserts in a binder. If you order more than 8 sleeves for you binder, there is a possibility that your binder may not close (without any cash inside yet). We would recommend having a second binder if you require more than 8 cash inserts.

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